“The Home8 has given me the autonomy & independence to stay at home in my later years. It has changed my life”
John Burke

Home8 Alarm

About Home8

“Home8 is the leading video-verified collaborative alarm solution and service
provider. The scalable platform offers collaborative Security, Safety, and Video-
Surveillance, as well as Z-Wave Automation Controls.
The collaborative alarm app supports multiple tier group of users with
supervisory and video privacy control.

Home8 Alarm

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Home8 Next-Generation Security

Home8 Alarm is the smart way to protect you home with image authentication and a multitude of features, it’s the industries leading product. The patented Activate Plug-N-Play ™ technology ensures the system is installed and activated within minutes. The Home8 platform integrates all sensors, cameras, and data in the Home8 app so that all available information can be accessed effortlessly. The Home8 Alarm is an intelligent alarm system that not only protects against burglary but also against fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and water damage with Care & Automation Features.

Home8 Alarm

Save Vital Numbers!

Every second counts. Contact the authorities using numbers saved directly from the app

Home8 Alarm

Live Video

View your cameras live, from anywhere in the world!

Home8 Alarm

Automatic Recording

Once the system is activated it automatically stores a 30-sec video & sends notification to the app.

Home8 Alarm

One click video sharing

You can easily share the videos directly from the App!

Home8 Alarm

Verify with one click!

• Verify via the live video
• One click video sharing

Zero-Pairing Technology

The patented zero-pairing technology ensures its installed in minutes.

One app for complete control

The Home8 app gives you full control over all connected devices wherever you are in the world

Ultra-Secure Video Privacy

Several proprietary firewalls protect the video and account information.

€ 9.95 / month Home8 Premium Service Plan

 Upgrade to Home8 Premium Service Plan and enjoy all the extra features offered byHome8

€ 9.95 / month / location Multi-Site Upgrade

With Home8 Premium you can monitor your home, business & holiday home.

Home Automation

Automate your home with its extensive integration features.

8 Live - View Features

Emergency call, video & audio recording, instant sharing, talking and listening, movement and sound detection settings, sirens and automation control



“The Recipients represent leaders in the Rapidly evolving IoT industry.”

2015 IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building Award, presented by IoT Evolution magazine.


Top ID Design

SMAHOME Award 2016
Awarded to Home8


2016 BEST 10 Alarm

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Secure your home with Home8.